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The employee lifecycle is a long and involved process. From attracting new talent to retirement, there are checkboxes that need to be ticked and policies that need to be adhered to. Our HR compliance solutions made navigating those lifecycle stages easy. We provide proven employment law guidance and workflow shortcuts, so you are supported and confident at every stage of that employee journey.

Employee Handbook Builder

Easily build, update, and distribute compliant employee handbooks,
with policies developed by the employment law experts at Jackson
Lewis LLP. 

Employment Law Research

Understandable legal guidance on city, state, and federal policies
in an easily skimmable format. 

Writing Job Descriptions

Access over 2,000 job descriptions, which you can easily search and customize, complete with an integrated team-based approval process.

Conducting Compensation Analysis

Salary insights and benchmarks for 2,600+ job titles at the national, state, and regional levels. Takes the guesswork out of compensation.

Complying with Wage and Hour Laws

Get peace of mind that your FLSA practices comply with automated risk assessments and an employee classification tool.

Hear about proven results directly from our customers!

I strongly recommend that anyone thinking of an HR service to consider this service immensely. I was able to create a well-written policy manual, simply and easily that fits state and federal standards. Employees have enjoyed the ability to utilize HR that they don't feel are "out to get them". Wish I would have found HR Hero sooner. 
- Sean Roed, ​Lake Region Ambulance Service
Before HR Hero we had to find employment law changes and other HR information on our own. With HR Hero, I now have access to up-to-date information, can research by topic area, and have access to training resources.
-Wendy Bradford, ​Counterpart International
I really like the state-by-state chart builder feature. As a multi-state employer, this allows me to keep up with changing laws in the various states and ensure we are compliant. The webinars and training are invaluable to my team and me. Their up-to-date content on COVID-19 has helped us navigate the pandemic in this unprecedented time, too.
-Christina M, ​Executive Director of Compliance
I love the handbook builder product; it is valuable for employers who don't have a legal department or resource. The builder is essential for providing an outline and guidance for small employers to provide a great roadmap to manage employee's expectations in the workplace.
-Tangela W, ​HR Consultant