How to Fix Broken Engagement Strategies

We’re in the middle of an engagement crisis. According to Gallup, only 1 in 5 employees say they’re actively engaged. Overcoming this shortfall is a priority for HR professionals everywhere, yet many of them still wrestle with high turnover. Why?

Fixing a broken employee engagement strategy takes more than perks and extras. That’s not to say compensation is unimportant, but it’s only a fraction of what defines employees’ experience.


In today’s job market, employees hold the leverage. Competitive employers need to deliver an exceptional and evolving experience. After all, if employees don’t get what they need from their current position, they’ll look elsewhere.


And a great employee experience isn’t just for your workforce. According to Gallup, businesses that invest in their employee experience can expect higher profits and productivity over those that don’t. Ultimately, understanding and prioritizing the employee experience helps you boost engagement, retain great employees and drive companywide change.


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