HR Compliance, Simplified

Stay ahead changing employment laws with our fully-customizable HR platform, HR Hero.

HR Hero's cloud-based platform offers expert employment law analysis, guidance, training, and best-in-class tools for you and your team. HR Hero combines powerful workflow tools that human resources professionals need into one centralized dashboard.

Best-in-Class Tools

Take the guesswork out of HR compliance with powerful tools like an FLSA Audit Tool, State Law Chart Builder, HR Hotline and Federal & State Topic Analysis. We do the work, so you can channel your efforts into more strategic projects.

Streamline Manual Processes

Whether you need to build an employee handbook, audit job classification and FLSA practices, create compliant job descriptions or compare benchmark salaries, HR Hero can help cross off your to-dos quicker, mitigate human error, and free up more of your time.

On-Demand HR Resources

Explore a vast library of downloads spanning commentary, guides, directives, and checklists, all covering 400+ key topic areas, written by employment law experts. Forget creating things from scratch. Get exactly what you need quickly, with no compromises.

The complete HR package

HR Hero's comprehensive HR toolkit includes:

  • Employee Handbook Builder

  • Job Description Manager

  • Federal & State Topic Analysis

  • FLSA Audit Tool

  • Salary Finder

  • HR Hotline

  • State Law Chart Builder

  • And more!


You're in good company...

"I strongly recommend anyone thinking of an HR service to consider this service immensely. I was able to create a well-written policy manual, simply and easily that fits state and federal standards. Employees have enjoyed the ability to utilize HR that they don't feel are "out to get them". Wish I would have found HR Hero sooner."
Sean Roed, Paramedic, Lake Region Ambulance Service
"Within 5-10 minutes, I can search and find the answers to my questions quickly and know that the source I'm using is trustworthy. I believe the ROI is incomparable to what we'd have to pay to hire another employee."
Christian T. Rogers, MHR, Director of HR at WinnaVegas Casino/Resort
"I was looking for reliable HR-related legal updates and templates to use in my day-to-day that were consistent across the board. What really stood out to me was how easy HR Hero is to use, but the feature that sold me was the included training presentations. HR Hero is such a value for money and easy to navigate."
Kamella Emmanuel, IPMA-SCP, City of Charlotte, NC
"I was using another HR platform prior to switching to HR Hero. I needed a more comprehensive HR solution that was easier to use and found both with HR Hero. What really sold me was the ability to access information specific to all 50 states."
Deanna Baumgardner, President, Employers Advantage LLC
"Before HR Hero we had to find employment law changes and other HR information on our own. With HR Hero, I now have access to up-to-date information, can research by topic area, and have access to training resources. Also, The HR newsletters are a great resource."
Wendy Bradford, Senior Director, Global Human Resources, Counterpart International