Stop worrying, start classifying

Step-by-step classification tool provides instant exempt, non-exempt status

Complying with wage and hour laws can be complicated and overwhelming—but getting it wrong can expose you to tremendous legal and financial risk. With the FLSA Audit Tool, you’ll save time, money, and gain peace of mind that your FLSA practices are in compliance with today’s evolving wage and hour laws and regulations.

Automated risk analysis

You get an exclusive risk assessment based on our award-winning compliance resources and insight from leading legal experts who specialize in employment law.

Tailored guidance

The FLSA Audit Tool uses your answers about your current policies and practices to build a customized compliance report that identifies the areas where you face the most risk, offers tailored tips on how to improve your compliance, and suggests what next steps you should take to avoid costly litigation or DOL audit.


Classify employees

Our newest addition to the FLSA Audit Tool is the Employee Classification Tool. Get exemption-by-exemption analysis of a particular employee or job using easy to use, step-by-step classification analysis. Get detailed explanations and examples of jobs and tasks that tend to indicate exempt or nonexempt status, and save and print all your reports for easy reference.

Comply with federal laws

The FLSA Audit Tool is updated in real time to reflect current laws and regulations, so you can rest assured you’re in compliance with current rules.

Save time and money

Don't waste any more time searching for the appropriate laws and regulations that apply to your current practices. Simply fill out our survey-style questions, and get a report that focuses specifically on those areas where you need help. It’s like a crib sheet for your FLSA compliance!

Have Confidence in Your FLSA Policies

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