HR Hero's State Law Chart Builder

Save hours of research time - create custom, fast-read summaries of state and federal requirements across 75+ challenging areas of HR compliance.

Let us do the heavy lifting

The State Law Chart Builder is the online information tool that saves hours of research for HR professionals and employers who need to comply with employment laws in more than one state.


Answer Your Questions Fast!

Whatever the question, you’ll find the answer in seconds using out clear side-by-side comparison charts that tell you in one or two sentences what your policies and practices must contain.

One-Stop Shop

From Alabama to Wyoming, we’ve done the research on everything from family leave and disability accommodations to drug testing and meal and rest breaks. Over 75 areas of employee management are covered, giving you everything you need to make smart decisions and policy recommendations.

Powering Today's HR Teams

The compliance and workflow platform that powers today's HR. Our fully customizable, cloud-based platform offers best-in-class tools, timesaving resources, expert legal analysis, guidance and training for you and your team all on one centralized dashboard. 


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