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Downloadable EHS content and template resources for you and your clients


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Flyers & Brochures

Each flyer template is 8.5" x 11". Add in your company's information and colors to personalize these flyers to your organization.

EHS Hero Brochure

EHS Hero Flyer

EHS Hero Content Expertise

EHS Hero Mobile Apps

Social Media


Content templates designed for Facebook

Use these posts templates for your organization's page feed and the paid ads for sponsored content within Facebook. Available in 1200 x 1200


Content templates designed for Instagram

Use these posts templates for your organization's feed and the paid ads for sponsored content within Instagram. Available in 1200 x 1200


Content templates designed for LinkedIn

Use these posts templates for your organization's page feed and the paid ads for sponsored content within LinkedIn. Available in 1200 x 1200

Blog Content

EHS Hero - Plan Builder

Strategically implement comprehensive action plans and procedures to achieve organizational goals.


EHS Hero - Timesavers

Whether you’re looking for a recent regulatory change, need to tweak a safety plan, or have safety training to prepare for, EHS Hero® has you covered. 


EHS Hero - Regulatory

EHS Hero® takes the guesswork out of regulatory compliance. Gain peace of mind with EHS Hero’s compliance solutions, and never have to search for a new regulation online again. 


EHS Hero - Short on Time

Are you overloaded with tasks and short on time? What if I told you EHS Hero® can automate your manual processes, giving you more time to focus on strategic projects that will move the needle in your organization?


EHS Hero - Solutions for EHS Pros

EHS Hero has the tools and resources you need to keep everyone on your team organized and on the same page—and your organization in compliance. 


EHS Hero - Training

Uncomplicate employee training using expertly crafted, compliant training content. Facilitate training requirements and recordkeeping with our user-friendly and intuitive training management tools.


Email Content

EHS Hero - Mobile EHS

Are you tired of being stuck behind your desk in order to manage your EHS program?  
You aren’t the only one. Most EHS managers feel trapped chasing people for paperwork, updating spreadsheets, and managing binders.


EHS Hero - Hearing Injuries

Are your employees at risk for noise-induced hearing loss due to high levels of noise in the workplace? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to establish and maintain a hearing conservation program.  


Banner Ads & Direct Mail

Banner Ads

EHS banner ad templates designed for different advertising locations across the web. Sizes include: 


Small Square - 200 x 200

Square - 250 x 250

Banner - 468 x 60 

Leaderboard Banner - 728 x 90

Inline Rectangle - 300 x 250

Large Rectangle - 336 x 280

Skyscraper - 120 x 600

Wide Skyscraper - 160 x 600

Large Skyscraper - 300 x 600

Large Leaderboard - 970 x 90

Download EHS Banner Ad Templates
Direct Mail

EHS direct mail templates designed to be printed and mailed as physical postcards. Sizes include:


Standard Postcard: 6.25” x 9” 

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