Returning to Work Safely​

Top recommendations from OSHA and the CDC for preventing the spread of respiratory illness in your workplace.


As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to make its impact around the world, the nature of the workplace is changing. For the first time, many jobs that were not previously considered to be hazardous are being re-evaluated. Employers must determine the risk of employees contracting and spreading COVID-19, the dangerous respiratory illness that is caused by the coronavirus. Whether you are welcoming your workers back from telecommuting or have been given permission to reopen from your local government, you should have procedures in place that aim to prevent an emergence of COVID-19 in your workplace.


The following guidance, based on recommendations provided by OSHA and the CDC, can help employers reopen their business and ensure workers return safely during the ongoing pandemic. Employers should also stay up to date with requirements from their local governments and adhere to evolving mitigation measures as experts continue to learn more about COVID-19. By determining level of risk, implementing hazard controls, and conducting training on new procedures, workers can be protected from being exposed to illness in the workplace.


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