Safety Culture Starting Guide

Download your Safety Culture Starting Guide to learn how your organization can grow a successful safety culture. This guide details the six essentials areas to sow the seeds of safety culture success.

1. Management Commitment

Safety culture must have the full commitment of company leadership, with efforts viewed as complementary to productivity and profitability goals rather than in conflict with them.

2. Employee Engagement 

When an organization has a strong safety culture, employees are fully engaged and committed to making their workplace as safe as possible.

3. Job Hazard Analysis and Incident Investigation 

An effective incident investigation program will allow you to identify hazards, the protective measures to take and the root accident causes, so you can prevent reoccurrences from happening.

4. Policies and Procedures 

Procedures should be easily accessible to employees and in writing, describing the subject in a step-by-step manner and specifying the consequences for noncompliance.

5. Training

Employees need to receive high-quality training on the company's safety policies and procedures, hazards they may be exposed to on the job, and safe work practices for protecting themselves against these hazards.

6. Measurable Goals and Accountability

Clearly defined goals and reliable metrics for assessing success in achieving these goals is crucial for safety culture to take hold in an organization.