Building bridges during mergers and acquisitions

Whether you’re seeking to merge with or buy a new business, the proper technology and communication strategies can help you successfully navigate change. You should make sure you’re bringing your people along for the journey and retaining the right people before, during and after the deal.

The M&A landscape often puts additional pressures on HR and talent strategists to improve employee experience as well as both acquire and retain top talent. A strong culture that fosters communication and trust can help support enterprise-wide transformation. Listening to employees can be key to building that trust.

Read Strategies and tools that unify to learn more about how to:

  • Incorporate employee-based insights into due diligence to help spot pitfalls that could erode deal value
  • Drive better employee engagement throughout transitions by using survey tools with sophisticated data analytics capabilities
  • Get insights into crucial KPIs as you’re gearing up for merger readiness, navigating the actual change, enhancing deal value and getting to know your employees better

Engaging in proactive, continuous communication can help people feel invested in and like they’re part of the journey. And this buy-in can foster stickiness as well as retain talent –– and the value of the deal.

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