Team-Based Safety Helps Workers Make Safer, Informed Decisions

Workers face more hazards on the job than anyone would like to imagine. Working in teams helps to ensure one another’s safety, but the unfortunate reality is that helping a team member in danger is one of the deadliest tasks a worker may take on. With connectivity bringing better, faster information to almost all other aspects of life, it’s time we use connectivity for the most important task of all: protecting our workers.


We talked with Ryan Cantwell, senior product manager at Industrial Scientific Corporation, about how connected devices improve team and site safety to minimize risk and maximize efficiency for businesses.


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As the global leader in gas detection, Industrial Scientific provides gas detection products and services that keep workers safe in hazardous environments. The company’s 800 employees in 21 countries are committed to preserving human life and have dedicated their careers to eliminating death on the job by the year 2050. Established in 1985 and headquartered in Pittsburgh (USA), Industrial Scientific also has operations based in Arras, France and Shanghai, China, and provides technical services to customers from local service centers around the world. For more information, visit​