The Need for Manager Development

New managers are often promoted into their role without essential tools and training, yet they are being tasked with great amounts of responsibility in organizations. They now serve as mentor and coach to their direct reports with a substantial impact on key areas including performance, engagement, productivity, and behaviors. They often don’t have access to the development needed when transitioning from individual contributor to manager. This lack of training results in fundamental skill gaps with lasting detrimental effects on organizations. 

Why Bluepoint's Leadership Training Program

Bluepoint’s New Manager Micro eLearning Program helps bridge that gap through presenting the skills and competencies necessary for success in engaging and digestible amounts. This training program will help participants become more impactful in their new roles by encouraging behaviors, mindsets, and actions that maximize their personal leadership effectiveness. 
Participants will learn how to:

Develop a manager's mindset

Shift from manager to leader



Build trust and credibility

Add important skills to manager's toolbox


Benefits of Micro eLearning

Micro eLearning enables participants to easily absorb and retain information by offering short, focused learning that is often no longer than five minutes in length and sent to participants an average of three times per week.


It is a learner centric approach that allows participants to access lessons on their preferred device. A sequence of videos, podcasts, quizzes, surveys, and assignments are employed to help participants learn fundamental practices and behaviors of managers, reflect on their current management philosophy, and implement new management and leadership behaviors in their day-to-day work.

Micro eLearning is 17% more efficient and 50% more engaging by narrowing to a specific outcome. It produces effective behavioral change and transfer of knowledge to job.

About Bluepoint

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to build better leaders – leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for tomorrow. Our team designs and facilitates workshops and coaching programs that graduate leaders who have the head to think for themselves, the voice to inspire their organization, the heart to serve others and the courage to act when others will not.