Join the fight against workplace sexual harassment.

If an employee was sexually harassed at your organization, what would you do? Have your employees and managers been effectively trained? Are you sure?


It’s no secret that sexual harassment is back on the public’s radar. When a New York Times investigation uncovered allegations that producer Harvey Weinstein had engaged in years of rampant sexual harassment, The Weinstein Company fired him immediately.


Although it’s crucial to sexual harassment prevention that people are focusing on this issue after high-profile cases like Weinstein’s are in the spotlight, it’s a topic that employment law attorneys and human resources professionals have been battling for years off the front page of the newspaper.

In another recent case, a male scientist faced sexual harassment allegations after a female grad student came forward saying he repeatedly expressed interest in having a sexual relationship with her while the scientist was mentoring her on remote research excursions in Alaska.  The student later sued him and the university, alleging a hostile work environment. 


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What can you do?

Is your organization prepared for a sexual harassment allegation? Do you know the steps you need to take if an employee comes to you with a similar claim?  What if one of your employees is among the thousands who have posted #MeToo about another employee at your company? Have your employees and managers been effectively trained?


Sexual harassment is not something you should ignore or even take lightly.


If you’re not sure, TrainingToday® is here to help.


TrainingToday can help you get your team trained and prepared with the help of our sexual harassment prevention libraries and courses. We also have national and state-specific courses and resources that can help you even more.


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With a better understanding of sexual harassment and its harmful effects, as well as proper training and resources, we can all work together to prevent this problem in our workplaces and beyond.

What does TrainingToday offer?


Preventing Sexual Harassment: National

This online training library will give you everything you need to train your employees, supervisors, and managers on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Several training options are available for multiple-year training. Courses include:

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employees
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Supervisors
  • Sexual Harassment and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) — Training
  • Social Media and Sexual Harassment
  • Stop Sexual Harassment—Employees (English and Spanish)
  • And more!


Sexual Harassment Prevention: State-Specific

TrainingToday also offers sexual harassment training courses that are state-specific, including California, Connecticut, and Maine.


Onsite Training-Sexual Harassment Prevention

Our on-site training option brings sexual harassment training experts to your office, facility, conference center, or corporate retreat for engaging and informative training. Even though online training is comprehensive, time-saving, and cost effective, sometimes nothing beats having a live trainer at your facility.