Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

What are you doing to get ahead of the proposed legislation?
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Don't Let Your Airline Become the Next Headline


A flight crew is trained to address nearly every possible scenario while in flight, from medical emergencies to water landings. But what about sexual harassment? The likelihood of this happening on the aircraft is high, and a mishandling of the situation could have devastating consequences for employee morale, customer satisfaction, and brand integrity.


Consider these startling statistics from a recent survey conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants:

  • 68% of flight attendants said they experience sexual harassment themselves. 
  • Almost as many also noted that they did not perceive any efforts by their employers in the past year to address training for harassment on the job. 
  • More than two-thirds also say they have no training on dealing with harassment of passengers on board.

With legislation being considered to require airlines to improve training, collect data on incidents of sexual harassment, and establish better reporting procedures, airlines may need to act quickly to put training programs in place.


This virtual and customizable employee training platform and content library will help your airline address critical compliance requirements by shifting employee behavior to improve culture, increase engagement, and support a zero-tolerance goal. 


What are YOU doing to ensure that employees in your airline have proper training and knowledge of sexual harassment prevention?   Fill out the form to learn more now.


TrainingToday® is here to help your organization make an impact with the resources below!


We're here to help you make an impact with the following training products.

Microlearning-Workplace Harassment

Introducing a program scientifically proven to:

✔Increase engagement

✔Improve culture

✔Change behavior


Delivered in short, specific bursts throughout the year: aligned to the way your employees learn: and available via a mobile app or online interface.


Watch a sample segment to see how you can be part of the sexual harassment solution.


Online Training-Sexual Harassment: Draw the Line

Training geared toward your entire organization, going beyond simple compliance to ensure both supervisors and employees understand the importance of:

✔ Confidentiality and reporting responsibilities

✔ Gender identity

✔ Retaliation issues


This course can also be customized to highlight airline specific scenarios as well!


View course samples and complete the form below to start developing your complete sexual harassment program.


State-Specifc Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
We offer several state-specific courses on preventing sexual harassment. The California-specific course meets supervisor training requirements under AB1825 as well as new gender identity guidelines. We also offer sexual harassment prevention training courses for Connecticut and Maine employers, and a New York-specific course will be added soon!
Preventing Sexual Harassment-National


This online training library will give you everything you need to train your employees, supervisors, and managers on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and help you stay compliant.
On-site Training
Bring an attorney to your organization for a 2-hour onsite training course on sexual harassment.  Courses can be customized to meet your organization's needs.
Microlearning courses coming soon!
Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The content is delivered through regular push notifications, which is scientifically proven to maximize retention and prevent information overload. Stay tuned for updates on our microlearning courses!
State and Federal Labor Law Posters
It might be time to update your labor law posters for 2018. In California, a new poster is mandatory, as it includes the new sexual orientation/gender identity training requirements, which must be displayed in your workplace. In addition to California, 22 states and Washington, D.C., have poster updates.
Training Booklets
Our sexual harassment training booklets feature full-color illustrations to capture attention, as well as simple, easy-to-read text for comprehesnion and carefully researched and reviewed content. It's something each employee can have on hand to reinforce online or onsite training.

It's time to draw the line on workplace sexual harassment.

It seems like every day, a new name or organization is added to the growing list of those facing a sexual harassment allegation and airlines are not immune. Not only is it crucial for you to keep your organization safe and in compliance, but it's also important to take a stand and set a bar of expectations in your organization's culture by committing to true behavior-changing training. Join the fight against workplace sexual harassment and become part of the solution by implementing training that sets a foundation. That's where TrainingToday can help. Fill out the form to:

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  • Learn more about our newest TrainingToday resources: Sexual Harassment: Draw the Line and TrainingToday: Microlearning.
  • Join the fight againist workplace sexual harassment!