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Is your organization prepared for a sexual harassment allegation?

According to an NBC News poll with the Wall Street Journal, 48 percent of currently employed U.S. women have experienced an unwelcome sexual advance or harassment at work.  TrainingToday's sexual harassment prevention resources can help both supervisors and employees stop harassment before it starts.  Explore our resources below.

Preventing Sexual Harassment- National ›

Preventing Sexual Harassment- National

This online training library will give you everything you need to train your employees, supervisors, and managers on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Several training options are available for multiple-year training for all levels of your organization.  Spanish courses also available. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention: State Specific ›

Sexual Harassment Prevention: State Specific

TrainingToday also offers sexual harassment training courses that are state-specific, including California, Connecticut, and Maine.

Onsite Training: Sexual Harassment Prevention ›

Onsite Training: Sexual Harassment Prevention

Our on-site training option brings sexual harassment training experts to your office, facility, conference center, or corporate retreat for engaging and informative training. Even though online training is comprehensive, time-saving, and cost effective, sometimes nothing beats having a live trainer at your facility.

TrainingToday can help!

Since more woman have come forward with stories of sexual harassment in the workplace, we’ve seen a 126% increase in the use of our Preventing Sexual Harassment course. It’s encouraging that organizations are being proactive.  It's time we all join the fight to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

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