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Our updated platform delivers you and your team the ultimate training flexibility and high-quality course content.

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TrainingToday is a true turnkey training solution that delivers more than a thousand courses, including employment law and workplace safety, through its updated, integrated Learning Management System (LMS).


Through TrainingToday, you will have the ability to easily administer courses, track course status, and document participant progress. Managers can easily stay aware of employees’ training status and your organization will be able to demonstrate that important policies and procedures have been communicated and understood by all.


The Combined Benefits of eLearning With Our LMS 

eLearning Benefits:
TrainingToday's LMS Benefits:
  • Convenient 24-hour access
  • Self-paced learning for all employees
  • Enhanced collaboration among employees
  • Modernized training for 21st century business
  • Reduced training time allowing for greater productivity
  • Cost effective training for all areas of business
  • Interactive user interface
  • Track training progress and final results
  • Easy record keeping
  • Whitelabeling customization capabilities



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