Download Your "This or That" Infographic

Help your employees making healthier snack-time choices with our downloadable "This of That" infographic. Small changes, like opting for healthier snacks to curb afternoon hunger, can make a big difference in someone's overall health.

Here are some wellness programs our company, Simplify Compliance, have utilized over the years that you can easily implement, too:

  • Step Challenge: Employees use their phones or a fitness tracker to log their daily step count via the IncentFit mobile app. Prizes were awarded weekly, and a grand prize was awarded at the end of the challenge.
  • On-Site Health Seminars: Simplify Compliance invited a mindfulness coach to lead an hour-long seminar. Employees were invited to take an hour out of their workday and learn how to become more mindful in all areas of their life.
  • Rethink your Drink: Employees received an infographic about the benefits and overall importance of staying hydrated and reusable water bottles were distributed to encourage H2O intake.
  • Take 5: This informal, virtual video chat gave employees a quick mental break from their workday to interact with employees across the organization. It also gave employees who otherwise wouldn’t engage with one another the opportunity to connect.
  • My Happy Place: Given our new remote work arrangement, a weekly video series was launched to highlight how employees are navigating the new landscape. These fun, informal interviews talk about their individual experiences and what they’ve been doing to keep their physical and mental health a priority.


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