HR Outlook 2022:
Changes and Trends in Local, State, and Federal Laws

This year’s new HR trends are already being predicted. Trends in local and state laws, Federal enforcement around COVID-19, and Artificial Intelligence for both HR professionals and law enforcement, are but a few of the changes. Being proactive and well-informed will allow your HR department to respond more effectively to these new changes.


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  • Trends for State & Local Laws: Limitations on pre-employment inquiries, like ban the box laws and prohibitions on asking about pay history, continue to be a big issue for employers. But equal pay laws have begun to add a new twist—requiring employers to disclose salary ranges for open positions to applicants and employees. More and more states and localities are also requiring protected employee leave as well as maternity accommodations.
  • Federal Enforcement: With the Biden administration in office for a year now, a clear picture has emerged of its priorities. COVID-19 is at the top of the list, with vaccine and testing mandates for employer as well as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission weighing in on whether long-COVID is a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Both HR professionals and federal enforcement agencies have indicated they will be looking into AI in 2022. Although it can make the decisions easier by reducing the amount of work required to find a great employee, some commentators are increasingly concerned about the potential for discrimination or disparate outcomes as a result.


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