OSHA-Compliant Training: Leveraging Blended Learning
to Build an Effective Program

There are more than 100 OSHA rules that require you to train workers in safe work practices. While most of the rules leave it up to the employer to decide the best way to train workers, OSHA inspectors can and do issue fines if the training is not compliant. Without considerable research or experience, it is difficult to know if your training program is effective and meets the agency’s many requirements.
Join us on October 22 for a free webinar with Taylor A. Lewellyn, J.D., BLR’s Senior Legal Editor for BLR’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) training products, who will answer some of commonly asked questions such as:
Can you use online training by itself, or do you need to use a blended approach with hands-on training?
Do you need to cover site-specific information?
Do the answers to those questions vary depending on the rule involved?
Do you need to use an OSHA-certified or -approved training method or vendor?
Can you just complete OSHA 10 or 30 to satisfy the training requirements in OSHA rules? 
For all businesses, government agencies, and institutions, it’s crucial to know the answers to these and related questions.
After attending this webinar, you will be able to:
Explain when and how training must be provided to employees;
Clarify under what conditions OSHA allows online training and when blended training is required;
Resolve the confusion about whether OSHA certifies training courses and if the OSHA-authorized 10- and 30- hour applies to OSHA rules;
Describe the types of training delivery methods allowed by OSHA;
Provide tips on how to deliver effective safety training;
And much more!
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