Lockout Tagout: Developing and Enforcing
an Effective Safety Program  

Machine-related injuries or fatalities can occur during maintenance and servicing tasks when workers are exposed to an uncontrolled release of energy or during unexpected equipment startup. Hundreds of workers are injured and killed every year due to the unexpected release of stored energy. That's why it's very important to have an effective safety program in place to avoid workplace injuries.
Join us on May 27 for a free webinar where BLR's Senior Content Specialist Christopher Harp, CSP, will discuss common violations of the LOTO standard, common lockout devices and how to develop, implement and enforce an effective safety program.
By attending this webinar, you learn about:
• Repeated violations of the LOTO standard (29 CFR 1910.147)
• Common lockout devices and how to use them
• What hazardous energy is and how to control it
• Key elements of the regulatory standard
• Industry exceptions to the standard
• Employee training – who is authorized to lock out equipment
• Commonly overlooked program elements
• How to develop, implement, and enforce an effective program
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