Cohesive Harassment Prevention Strategies for Changing Workplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create significant challenges for employers, including managing employees who never expected to be working at home this long or are returning to working at home after a short time back in the office. In addition, the stress of the continued pandemic and variant surges as well as other life pressures means some employees won’t be on their best behavior.


As a result, employers need to remain vigilant about harassment, bullying, and other inappropriate behavior. It’s critical for supervisors to know what to do when an employee complains about harassment. Reports of harassment can trigger legal obligations for the employer. So, harassment prevention training for supervisors is vital if an employer wants an effective harassment reporting process.


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You’ll learn about:


Strategies employers can use to prevent harassment claims

Remote work and the shift from in-person to online harassment

What to include in your antiharassment policy and reporting procedure

How supervisors can play a key role in preventing harassment and resolving complaints