Outsourcing is an integral aspect of successful business today; often the most rapid and cost effective path to solution.

Add experts to your team.

When you’re short on resources, BLR can help to fill skill deficits.  Our experts will partner with your best and brightest on your team to assess your needs, develop a plan of attack, and swiftly meet your training goals with an effective solution.


If you’re experiencing a resource gap or finding that ever-changing timeline is creeping up on you, BLR experts can jump in to provide as much, or as little, support you require and the competitive edge to get the job done.


Our Instructional designers, eLearning developers, seasoned trainers, or logistics coordinators may be just what you need to meet your goals.


Need Talent?


Do you need an L&D Project Manager to chart out and manage a new one-time training effort? Or, perhaps an entire team of eLearning Developers to manage a project beyond the comfort level of your internal talent?


BLR brings the added depth of expertise and flexibility. We’ll work with you to evaluate which Managed Service model addresses your business requirements.

  • Looking to boost technical capabilities?
  • Increase efficiency?
  • Reduce attrition rates?
  • Control Expenditures?
  • Streamline processes?

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