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EHS Hero combines all the tools safety, health, and environmental professionals need into one centralized dashboard. Contact a solutions specialist today to see how EHS Hero can elevate your EHS team.

What is EHS Hero?

EHS Hero is a fully customizable, cloud-based platform that offers intuitive workflow, compliance, and training solutions. Watch our short video to see EHS Hero in action.

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Client Praise

"Our past onboarding process consists of outdated DVD’s, and lacked curriculum that would bring educational value to the attendees. This antiquated platform subjected us to regulatory non-compliance issues but most importantly, lacked a solid training platform as where the employees could learn and apply their knowledge in the manufacturing environment. Having a solid learning system such as EHS Hero in place during the onboarding process is essential and has brought value to the organization. The onboarding process is the time to train, educate and is truly the beginning and development of your safety culture."  


Steve Fischer, Corporate EHS Manager
Herff Jones

Solutions that streamline your day

Your regulatory and compliance lifeline

How did you find out about the latest regulatory change? If your process involved searching online for the most up-to-date regulation, we should talk.
  • EHS Hotline: Get thorough, plain-English answers to your most pressing questions from our subject matter experts and attorneys.
  • Regulatory Activity: Easily sort through hundreds of regulations by state, category, topic, type, and date to find the information you need.
  • Report a Spill: You'll have everything you need at your fingertips to quickly and accurately report a spill in your workplace.


Automate tasks, streamline workflows

Are you overloaded with tasks and short on time? What if I told you EHS Hero® can automate your manual processes, giving you more time to focus on strategic projects?
  • Chart Builder: Our clear, side-by-side comparison charts tell you in one or two sentences what your policies and practices must contain.
  • SDS Search: Access safety data sheets from the MSDSonline database that’s housed in one convenient dashboard along with your other EHS Hero tools.
  • Plan Builder: Create custom plans that meet the needs of your organization in minutes from our document library of preloaded templates.

Safety and compliance training, simplified

Whether you’re looking for a recent regulatory change, need to tweak a safety plan, or have safety training to prepare for, EHS Hero® has you covered.
  • Training Modules: Updated with the latest compliance regulations, our training resources help train teams on topics from fall protection, chemical eye safety, emergency action plans, and everything in between.
  • Safety Toolbox Trainer: Train from anywhere with our one-stop solution made for busy safety professionals who need to keep up with their management and compliance obligations on the go

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