Online Compliance Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors and Employees in New York and New York City

Effective October 2018

Applies to any company that has employees in the state of New york!


New York has released its requirements for the training elements that should include as many of the following training elements as possible: 

  • Web-based with questions asked of the employees as part of the training
  • Accommodate questions asked by the employees
  • Include a live trainer made available during the session to answer questions
  • Require feedback from employees about training and the materials presented

Our course is web-based with an "ask the expert" button to allow learners to ask questions to be submitted to our team of in-house attorneys and experts. The course will also include a survey to provide feedback about the training and materials presented.  If you also need a live trainer to be available during the session, we have on-site training options we can help coordinate as well.  In other words, TrainingToday® has your organization covered for training supervisors and employees in New York state and New York City.